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Sebastian X Reader
It was already evening in the town. Today was Sunday, a day where most people don't have work - but that's not you. You worked in the library in Brooks-burg, England.
You had argued the fact that people would want to read on their day off, but truly you didn't believe that you just wanted the peace and feeling of an empty library with thousands of books to read.
You loved working on Sundays; you seemed to have read at least half of the library. You've recently been reading a book that you know well, it was about an earl from fifty years ago, that disappeared suddenly. His name was Earl Ciel Phantomhive. It told that he left after having a last dance with his fiancée Elizabeth Midford. Some people believed that he had ordered his butler to hide his body then shot himself, others had said he left with his butler to an unknown land. Both, at least to you, seemed very unlikely.
Yes, Ciel Phantomhive had an extremely hard childhood with his parents being murdered, but in photos he ha
:iconwrittenwordoflove:writtenwordoflove 496 96
Black Maid (Sebastian x Demon!Reader) Ch. 1
3 Years Later...
*Windsor Castle*

 The sunlight reflected on Your royal crest that was pinned to your maid uniform, which casted a beam of light onto the wall, indicating your arrival along with the clicking of your heeled boots as you walked down the grand corridor towards Queen Victoria's bedroom after she had requested your presence.
You have been serving as the queen's head maid for two years since the death of your master. Strangely, part of his last orders were to go to the very person who had him killed and work for her.
Over the few years you have served her, she had grown quite fond of you and had even gave you a name: The Queen's royal Cat due to you being able to squeeze your way into any situation and easily deliver anything she asks without question.
Ironic, isn't it?
You check on your young master from time to time, but not very often. The man who you had first seen with Ciel you had learned to be a Demon, who usually senses you, so you stay within the
:iconmonavysi:Monavysi 59 1
Mature content
Black Maid (Sebastian x Demon!Reader) Prologue: 2 :iconmonavysi:Monavysi 42 1
Black Maid (Sebastian x Demon!Reader) Prologue
3 Years Ago...
Second Person P.O.V.                                                                                                                        
You were currently walking around the town square in London, searching for your young master. Tomorrow was his 10th birthday and you were given the job of managing his birthday party, as ordered by your master, Lord Phantomhive.
It was snowing and a large decorated Christmas tree was placed in the middle of the square, amongst the ladies and gentlemen walking around it.
He had wandered off from your master and mistress who had ordered you to search for him.
You finally spotted him in his green suit, brown gloves and red and
:iconmonavysi:Monavysi 75 4
Chance meeting (urushihara x reader)
 "Give it back I was just about to beat the boss dude!" Urushihara was jumping trying to grab his hand held game away from ashiya.
"No I've had enough of this urushihara! You've exceeded your game play limit by an hour today!" Ashiya said sternly back to urushihara.
"You're not my mom ashiya now give me back my game!!!" As urushihara said that he jumped knocking Ashiya over and sending his hand held game flying out the window.  It just so happens I was riding my bike at this time and the game hit me in the head knocking me over.
"Ow! That hurt! Wha- a gaming system?" I picked it up and examined it. "Where did this come from?  Better yet why was it thrown and why was the target so conveniently my head?"
"Great now look what you did urushihara!" Ashiya said in an irritated whisper.
"Me?! You're the one who kept the game from me in the first place!" Urushihara replied.
*sighs* "this little accident will surely cost us money that we don't have.  Now go down there and ap
:iconbubblesaur2998:bubblesaur2998 61 9
Lucifer x pregnant! reader
  Lucifer gently ran his fingers through your hair, many people would think that Satan was heartless,evil, rough. He is to a point but when it comes to you he gentle sweet and caring teddy bear! At first he was actually acting like a dick when you tried to help him but he got better once he got to know you.
 To him you were his light,his home,the most beautiful thing in the world and the love of his life. He would shout it to everybody in the world if he got the chance. You made his heart go wild and a grin spread across his face. A little smile spread across your face as he ran his fingers through your hair. He smiled and grinned,kissing your forehead.  He remembers the time he confessed about two years ago. He couldn't contain the feelings, they were driving him even more insane.
   You had went out grocery shopping to get some ingredients for a cake. You couldn't believe that Lucifer had never had the delicious treat! S
:iconkarkatiswicked:Karkatiswicked 57 4
You're Special (Urushihara X Reader) Part 1
Key: (y/n) Your Name   (f/n) First name    (l/n) Last name
(f/c) favorite color     (s/f/c) second favorite color
(h/l) hair length   (h/c) hair color    
       "Please fasten your seat belts passengers. We are now landing in Tokyo, Japan," announced the airplane pilot over the intercom. A young teenage girl with (h/l) /h/c) hair placed the book that she was reading on the small fold out table in front of her before following the air pilot's orders. Finally, after 13 hours and 49 minutes of being in an enclosed area, sitting with strangers, and eating gross plane food, she can finally get some fresh air and stretch your legs.
       Once the plane landed and everyone was able to depart the air craft, (y/n) grabbed the backpack that you brought. It was small but large enough to fit a laptop, 3DS, a few games, a change of clothes, and some make-up. The bag had some pockets and a d
:iconpsychomortician:PsychoMortician 96 16
AS Drawing the Arms by CGCookie AS Drawing the Arms :iconcgcookie:CGCookie 2,853 17 Human Reference: Hands and Fingers by CGCookie Human Reference: Hands and Fingers :iconcgcookie:CGCookie 12,880 125 Facial Reference: The Lips by CGCookie Facial Reference: The Lips :iconcgcookie:CGCookie 12,154 137 Facial Reference: The Ears by CGCookie Facial Reference: The Ears :iconcgcookie:CGCookie 18,174 264 blast from the past by viria13 blast from the past :iconviria13:viria13 9,742 334 PowerPuff Witches : YouTube! by rossdraws PowerPuff Witches : YouTube! :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 7,255 94 +Zelda - 1 or 2!+ by larienne +Zelda - 1 or 2!+ :iconlarienne:larienne 5,650 327
Sebastian x Reader - New Maid, You're Beautiful
You lived on the streets of London, everyday just wandering around behind bakeries and shops looking for ways to find food and get by as best you could. The alleyway is where you slept at night with a small black neighborhood cat you decided to keep with you. You two became best friends. He was all you had left.
You tried to find a job, but no one was hiring, nor did they want someone who was dressed the way you were.
Why were you on the streets?
You've been there ever since you were nine...
It all started way back when, you were outside in the woods playing pretend with your imagination. It started getting dark out and you decided to venture back home. Or to what used to be your home. It was around sunset when you were walking through the door to your house, you hummed a tune, but came to a stop as you noticed it was unusually dark inside.
"Well, that's od
:icondawn-marie-michaelis:Dawn-Marie-Michaelis 363 243
Urushihara Hanzo x Reader Part 1
   “But MOM! The outside gifts nothing but disappointment!” I shriek from my pile of blankets I call a bed.
   “Deal with it, (Name)! I really have to get going now or I’ll be late. Remember, buy groceries once a week and don’t spend on anything you don’t need. I’ll see you in a few weeks. Love you!” She rushed out the door, multiple suitcases in hand. Seriously, how could she carry all those at once?! Whatever.
   I sigh and turn back around to my computer station. I start to open up DeviantArt and Tumblr. My mom won’t but me books, so I read fanfics on DA. I need some humor in my life, so I surf the pages of Tumblr.
   I am a hikikomori, as the Japanese say. A shut-in. A hermit. But not completely by choice. I have agoraphobia, the fear of being in public. For one, I’m shy and don’t like conversing with individuals who have notably lower IQs. After I was being bullied in the 2nd
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