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Elijah Schuyler. by Aizy-Boy40 Elijah Schuyler. :iconaizy-boy40:Aizy-Boy40 236 14 Swan Lake by Axsens Swan Lake :iconaxsens:Axsens 747 14 Heartseeker Ashe (Happy Valentine's Day!) by OlchaS Heartseeker Ashe (Happy Valentine's Day!) :iconolchas:OlchaS 959 110
The Daddy Series - Sebastian Michaelis x Reader
The man glared out the window, watching his little succubus run around the yard followed by two older boys. They were about fourteen or so.
"Stay away from her, you little wretches.." He growled darkly, only to have arms wrap around his frame from behind. 
"Sebby.. relax." You cooed. "She'll be fine." He turned to look at her. 
"What if they hurt her? They want her because she's a succubus!" Sebastian barked, making his wife smile. 
"She's only ten, and they wouldn't do anything like that. They're only playing tag." 
"I don't trust them. She's a succubus and she'll be a target for them. What if she likes it? What if she continues?!" His face darkened at the thought.
"Sebastian.. look at me." You made him turn his face to you. "I'm a succubus. Did I do anything bad like that?" You flicked the pink tail back and forth,
his scarlet eyes landing on the spade - shaped end of it. 
"No.." He mumbled. "But what if she does?" 
You gasped, "Our daughter would
:iconfirefliy:Firefliy 515 72
Father!L x Mother!Reader: Part 2
You rolled over in you sleep and felt the arms around your waist tighten. It was peaceful to be like this. Moments like these were moments you wanted to make last forever. His scent filled your nostrils and made you smile. It was proof that he was still home. Home with you and your beloved daughter. You slid yourself closer to him, allowing his warmth to embrace you.
"Good morning, _______," L says softly in your ear.
"How did you know I was awake?" You ask, not opening your eyes, but nuzzling your nose in the crook of his neck.
He let's out a small chuckle, "I've been married to you for four years now. I believe I would know how to tell if you're awake by now or not. You don't move in your sleep."
You nod, "Sounds just like you."
"Did you believe that just because I was gone for a couple months would mean that I've forgotten your little habits?"
You giggle, "No. I'm just glad that you are home at last."
He nodded and pulled you closer. "As am I, however, I'm afraid it won't last long.
:iconcartershields:cartershields 13 2
Father!L x Mother!Reader
You sat at your desk working on the latest assignment you were given while waiting for your husband's call. With a sigh, you look at the clock on the wall.
Small wails come through the baby monitor. Getting up you make your way to the nursery, where your baby girl was.
"What's wrong baby?" You asked, picking her up and rocking her side to side.
From the other room you hear Skype ringing.
You give your daughter a surprised look, "Oh! Guess who's calling us!" you made your way back to the other room and answered the call.
"Hello, _______, my Love." L says with a smile. "And hello, (daughter)."
You smile brightly at your husband through the monitor. "Hello, sweetie. How are you?"
He nods, "I am good. However the stress is getting to me. This case has me low on sleep and energy. And on top of that the people working with me seem to think I can do everything and know everything."
You sighed, "Honey, you can't do that to yourself. Sleep is a very important thing. Please try to stop working y
:iconcartershields:cartershields 23 2
Daddy!L x Mommy!Reader Bubble War
 These come from my Anime Baby Daddy Oneshots on quotev, I'm going to post them all as oneshots here ^^

"You look very excited Ryoichi." You could hear your husband say as you cleaned up your son's room of all the toys and sweet rappers.
"Yes, bubbles are so... so..."
“Do you like bubbles?”
“I suppose I do.”
“I love bubbles.”
Your son, Ryoichi was highly intelligent for his age considering he was only three and a half. He was a lot like his father but very bubbly around you both. When he found something interesting he would immediately become silent, as if trying to understand what he found appealing. Your son was truly remarkable and you and L loved him very much.
You finally finish tidy up Ryoichi's room. You grabbed a blue towel out of the cupboard and made your way towards the bathroom.
Ryoichi saw you and his eyes sparkled. “Mama~ Look
:icongaaras-hina-chan:Gaaras-Hina-Chan 33 2
Daddy! L x Mommy! Reader: Detective daycare!

You sat on the hotel floor cradling your four month old baby, Junior. You really liked the name Lawliet and L had no real comment about the baby's name. Except
"I think there is a fifty percent chance that the boy will be ok with this name..." Was all he said as he poked the newborn in his arms.
He tried his best to keep you and his small child safe. Though nowadays you grow restless in your docile little hotel room. There was a soft knock on the door and L's head swiveled to look at it.
"Who's there?" He called out.
"Watari. I have your afternoon snack. "He said gruffly.
"Come in. "He said turning his head back to the monitors. Watari opened the large wooden door and pushed in a tray filled with cakes and tea. He poured two cups of tea and handed one to L then you. After that he passed you two your cakes then left. You sat and ate your cake giving a piece to little L every so often. When you finished you stood up and walked over to L.
"Hey babe I'm
:iconpunk-princess109:Punk-princess109 115 9
L x reader one-shot ...Ryuk is cupid!
A/N: this is a valentine special, i know that valentines is over but i dind't have the time to post this, so im doing it right now... Also this is story is classified as COMEDY! Please, notice this will have humor and the characters are going to be doing funny and random things that are out of their personality...This is my first comedy, i have being doing alot of sad things, havent i? So yeah hope you like this, lets begging....
        "Ryuk i need your help"- said the mysterious guy know as L.
"Oh? And that will be?"- ask Ryuk standing next to him.
"Well, theres this ..."-L said but was interrupted
"Ryuzaki-kun! How are you?-you ask setting next to him and grab one chocolate bar he had on the table.You could not see Ryuk.L did not let you get involved on the Kira case , so you dindt know anything, just that Light was a suspect. Also, Ryuk disappear, may be to give you some time alone with L.
"Oh,_______ , im fine and you?"-L ask 
"Nothing much.. Light b
:iconhania-chan3:Hania-chan3 44 26
Little Hands (Daddy! L X Mommy!Reader)
Little Hands
I'm sorry if it's a bit short, I'm not in the mood for writing.. Huft, I have a very bad day (Lol, no one cares) but I decided to write something even if its really short. Hope You enjoy.
You were laying on the hospital bed, you're not sick or anything! Don't worry, You just gave birth to a little baby boy. His name is (son's name) Lawliet, he has your (e/c) eyes but has L's hair, he looks like him.
It all started when You didn't get your period, You were worried why you didn't get it. So, You decided to get a pregnancy test, it's positive so You told L about this. When L founds out you were pregnant, he was so happy. You could catch him grinning like an idiot all day, and jumping on the bed (which I doubt it would happens), he never had a family before.. It was only Watari on his side and now he's going to have a mini-you or mini-him. Turns out it was a boy.
"We should name him, Luke, or Liam.." You suggested while searching for names. L don't mind, you could
:iconayakochaan:Ayakochaan 22 5
Foggy (L x Reader!Pregnant!)
Snow had not yet begun to blanket the streets, but the temperatures were dropping slowly, night by night. Winchester's brick roads clouded over with fog every morning,but while they came clear during the day, the night brought back the billowing white once more. This would normally mean nothing to you. You wouldn't normally leave the house until sun made the ground clouds go away; your time of departure was simply a matter of wakefulness. As for the evening, no one stays out that late to know the difference, or so most had only thought.
Another day as the wife of the great detective is about to pass. You slip into a more slovenly green dress, not fitting to your form, but perfectly comfortable for what was being wrought in your womb. You smiled at the thought of readying yourself for motherhood, but what had you bought for the occasion? Nothing yet. Today, you were going to change all of that! You strolled through the kitchen, filling a mug with coffee from the already hot pot on the c
:iconlawlietlady:LawlietLady 31 7
L Lawliet x Reader- Office Chairs
L's gray orbs stared unblinking, concentrating on the content of the screen. His head remained locked in place, even as he moved a bite of cake to his mouth. His usual scrunched up position looked strange to normal people, but after trying it out for yourself, you had to agree with him. It was rather comfortable.
You casually spun around in your seat. No evidence to learn Kira's identity had been discovered recently, and your boredom was starting to get the better of you. You wanted to spend time with L (probably because you LIKED him), but you mind was being a butt and was not willing to stay in one place at the moment. You continued spinning around, focusing unintentionally on L's stoic expression from the side.
L suddenly turned in your direction, catching you staring. You jerked your gaze away, feeling yourself blush. You swore you heard him chuckle a bit.
"(Y/n), if you don't want to stay you don't have to. Go take a break or something."
You turned back towards him, denying his re
:iconsmugglemuffin:SmuggleMuffin 128 26
L x Reader
'Another one? How many can one guy eat?'
You sighed and pushed your (h/c) hair behind your ear before leaning ever so gently over Ryuuzaki's sleeping form. The street light outside the window illuminated his face as well as piercing the deep, winter night. Snow fell softly on the window and each snowflake lit up when it passed the light. You reached your arm out to grasp the edge of a chocolate covered plate.
'That cake was meant to feed sixteen people and I only bought it yesterday.'
You pulled yourself back to a standing position and walked to the kitchen area. You were in a small hotel room which consisted of a living area combined to a kitchen area, and separated by an island. The walls were a faded mauve all around the room and the floor was presumably once wood, but, through years of neglect, it was now more made up of mis-matched rugs covering the abundant holes. The few lamps that had been spread strategically around the room were all on, though the room was s
:icondarkygraine:DarkYgraine 201 45
Mature content
L X Reader (L's Dessert ) Lemon :iconshawnna-ciel:shawnna-ciel 358 320
L x Reader- Rape Whistle
"Here," L looked curiously to his side. There you were, your hand held out to him, with a little red whistle in the palm of your hand. L observed the whistle, coming to the quick conclusion that you intended for him to take it, and did so.
"What is this?" he asked. Clearly he knew what it was, but he was asking what it was for.
"It's a whistle," you hadn't picked up on that fact.
Light, who was observing the situation from the seat next to L, perked up, "Ryuzaki meant 'what is it for,' (Name)?"
"Oh. Well it's a rape whistle."
Light's eyes widened with shock as L's brows rose in confusion. Picking up on the fact that they were waiting for your explanation, you smirked.
"I don't want pervy Light coming onto you in your handcuffed state," you felt your smirk widen as Light sputtered out refusals. Before leaving the boys you added, "Plus, I'm the only one allowed to violate you, Ryuzaki~"
As you left you heard Light grumble, "I don't know what you see in her Ryuzaki."
"She keeps things
:iconforever-n:Forever-N 1,188 259
L x Reader The Sweets
Sweat beaded down your face as you looked down at the list in your hand. It seemed a mile long. You mentally sweat-dropped as you walked into the sweet shop. 
Ryuzaki hadn't given you money, so the charges would come out of your pocket. You realized that if Ryuzaki had you buy sweets twice every week, you would become homeless. 
"Hello! How are you doing today?" a young girl behind the cash register beamed. 
"Meh," you replied. She gave you a cheery smile," Well I hope it gets better soon."
You gave the girl a soft smile an handed her the list you were holding. Her eyes widened at how long the list was. 
"Umm. Might I ask who ordered this?" the girl asked. 
You nodded and replied, " My boss, Ryuzaki."
"Oh," the girl chirped. " My boss said that someone named Ryuzaki, apparently he's a regular customer, so we have his order pre made every Monday and Thursday. So far his order hasn't changed."
"Why would you guys do that?" you wondered out loud. The girl answered
:iconbriannamichaelis:briannamichaelis 303 143



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